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Born as a startup company LibPlanet is an online platform for buying and selling books. We bring together small and medium bookstores, private booksellers and readers looking for the books in different languages.

Everyone can sell or donate books through our system - bookstores, publishers, private people. We aim to connect thousands of small and medium bookstores and private booksellers in one system around the world.

Our company is more than business, we support readers in finding needed books, small booksellers in increasing their sales and even more, we keep used books in continuous usage cycle.

If you are small and medium bookseller, you can increase your sales through having additional online sales channel to local and global markets.

If you are private person, you are not forced to trash unneeded books any more, instead these books will be continuously used having a positive effect on environment.

If you are a reader looking for the books, you will have a convenient book search and purchase system, low-cost and fast delivery from thousands booksellers from different European countries.

In LibPlanet we have strong values, we are customer oriented, environmentally friendly and we stand for a positive social change in education and charity.


Join us if you share our ideas - sell and buy books today!



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Lib OU

Peterburi tee 16/54, Tallinn, 11411, Harju County, Estonia

Phone: +372 3924 559

e-mail: info@libplanet.com

Registry code 12450790

Swedbank account No. EE862200221057208618   SWIFT/BIC: HABAEE2X

SEB Bank account No. EE431010220218363228   SWIFT/BIC: EEUHEE2X

Danske Bank account No. EE653300333718460007   SWIFT/BIC: FOREEE2X

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