Vision, Mission, Values…


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a “green” book-trading platform enabling SME-s to grow and making literature accessible to everyone around Europe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect small and medium bookstores and private booksellers to offer readers diverse literature in different languages in one online system. Furthermore, we promote the continuous use of old and used books while taking care of environment and animals.

Our Values

Support SME-s

Small and medium book stores hardly survive in our competitive world. Thus, we offer one online sales channel for local bookstores to sustain their business and to provide our customers with scare and local literature around Europe.

Resource efficiency

To increase the resource efficiency of literature we strongly promote the trade with second-hand books. Not only the scrap rate of unused books would be reduced but also the demand of producing new books and consequently the demand of cutting wood for producing paper would be reduced.

Customer friendly

Our innovative and convenient online platform offers a huge and diverse library in one system for whole Europe. Short delivery times within Europe are ensured by establishing a fast delivery channel from Russia to EU and vice versa, involving booksellers from Estonia and other European countries.


Access to literature is vital for education and personal growth. Therefore we provide with our online-marketplace an opportunity to access secondhand literature for all levels of society. Also the possibility of donating books, which are sold for a symbolic price, will enhance the availability of books for socially disadvantaged groups and simultaneously support local animal shelters with the generated revenues.  

New Books

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