If you want to sell your books in LibPlanet e-store, you need to be registered as Seller. Bookstores and private people can sell their books and other related goods through LibPlanet's web environment. After your registration you need to confirm it via link which will be sent to your e-mail address. Then LibPlanet checks and confirms seller’s account and it's ready to be used. 

If you have both Seller’s and Buyer’s accounts, you can switch between both accounts in section „My account“.

You can add each book separately in „My Library“ or choose an option to upload CSV/Excel file in case of bigger amount of books. In the latter case, LibPlanet has to check the file and confirm the upload. 

My Library

If you want to add a book, go to "My Library" and press „Add new“.

  1. In part „About“ you have to put the name of the book (Title), the name of the author and condition  - new book or used one. The rest of the fields in this section are optional.
  2. After that, you need to move to the section “Prices” and put there the price of a book.
  3. In "reference" part bookstores put their product code, private people create and indicate the code of their initials and the serial number. E.g. for John Thieffry: JT1, JT2, JT3, JT4.
  4. In “Category” field you need to choose category and sub category for your book that buyers could find your book in a specific relevant field.
  5. In “Delivery methods” part you need to choose delivery methods and in “Quantity” part indicate quantity of the same book.
  6. In “Images” part you can upload images of books and in “Additional info” you can indicate Editor, Year and other information which is optional.

Later you can change books' quantities and prices on „My Library“ page. Moreover, you can also delete books one by one, if you use appropriate icon located on the right side, or choose a list of books to delete and press „Delete“ button on the top of the page.

Library import

In case of bigger amount of books seller may choose uploading his books through CSV/Excel file. An example and template of CSV/Excel file filling can be found in "Library import" part. In CSV/Excel template you can see the fields that you need to fill in or copy/paste from your own database. Fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory to fill in. Rows with empty mandatory fields a list will be rejected by the system. The rest of fileds are optional.

  1. To fill in "Categories" field in Excel template, go online to the section where you want to allocate the book. Switch to English language. Copy the name of the category as shown in the screenshot below, or just type the text manually. E.g. English books>Fiction>Classic

  2. When filling in "Reference code" field, there is a different if you are a bookstore or a private seller.  Bookstores have put their product code, private sellers create and indicate the code from their initials and the serial number. E.g. for John Thieffry it is  JT1, JT2, JT3, JT4 etc.
  3. Books images need to be added to CSV/Excel as a weblinks. For this purpose you can use Google Search as shown in the screenshot below.

  4. When the file is ready you need to upload and import it. If some information is missing or file has errors, system will show it and reject the lines with missing information and errors. 
  5. After uploading seller needs to wait until one of our administrators confirms uploaded file. When it has been confirmed, seller gets an e-mail. This is the moment when books are reflected in e-store catalogue and are ready for sale.

After books are successfully imported seller can continue adding books in the same way or change books' quantities, prices and availabillity on „My Library“ page.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact us via our website using the link ‘’Contact us’’ or via e-mail address If you send an email please describe there the issue and/or order number. We answer your questions Monday-Friday 09.00-17.00. Furthermore, you can use our online support via the Skype.

New Books

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